Attributes are a measure of your character’s innate mental and physical characteristics. Everyone is better at some things than others, and being born into a certain culture will also have some effect on a character’s Attributes. Attributes range from -3 to 9 or more. Typical humans have few bonus dice – their attributes are mostly 0, the average score. PCs are heroes, the stars of the story, so they all start the game with a base of +1 in all of their attributes, before modifiers (such as culture and bonuses).

Positive Attributes will add to your ability to get things done, while negative Attributes will make things harder for you. Of course, everyone would like to be good at everything but that’s not the way the world works – you might be a clumsy genius or a graceful idiot, or anything in between.

If an Attributes is positive, it adds to the dice pool when attempting a task. If it is negative it adds to the black dice that must be rolled for the task.

Attribute Levels

The list below gives some idea of what the different Attribute levels mean. It’s worth noting that Attributes may not have a direct effect on a character’s appearance. A character may have a fairly high Strength, which would tend to have a fairly high Strength, which would tend to make her more muscular than a character with a low Strength, but if her Strength goes up with experience, it doesn’t have to mean she’s become more muscular, just that she’s learned to use her muscles to better effect.

-3 Crippled
-2 Weak
-1 Weak
0 Average
1 High Average
2 Talented
3 Impressive
4-5 Gifted
6-8 Superior
9+ Incredible

Cultural Modifiers Table

Culture Strength Dexterity Fortitude Presence Wits Resolve
Automaton See Automaton description See Automaton description See Automaton description See Automaton description See Automaton description See Automaton description
Neobedouin None None +1 None None +1
Neovictorian None None -1 None None None
Misbegotten See Misbegotten description See Misbegotten description See Misbegotten description See Misbegotten description See Misbegotten description See Misbegotten description
Skyfolk None +1 None None +1 None


Strength defines your raw physical power, or lack of it. A Strength bonus is clearly useful in hand-to-hand combat, as it increases the amount of damage done when hitting someone, whether with a weapon or a fist. Strength can also be important in many athletic endeavors such as climbing and swimming, and can be useful for intimidating people. A negative Strength Attribute could indicate infirmity, physical immaturity, age or disablement.


Dexterity is a measure of your balance and physical coordination. It is important for such abilities as martial arts and dancing, but also represents hand-eye coordination for such tasks as aiming a gun or performing stage magic. A negative Dexterity Attribute could represent clumsiness, shaking hands, poor hand-eye coordination, or even obesity.


Fortitude represents your physical resistance, toughness and constitution. Fortitude helps you resist diseases and poisons, and affects the amount of physical damage a chracter can take before wounds begin to take their toll. Negative Fortitude may indicate illness, infirmity, or a generally weak constitution.


Presence represents your ability to impress and influence people through personality and charisma – how you interact in social situations, and how well you get along with other people. A high Presence can indicate a pleasant personality, physical attractiveness, or a mixture of the two. An airship captain is likely to have a high Presence, and such charming people can often command attention in a room without saying a word. A negative Presence may represent an anti-social or socially inept person, or perhaps physical ugliness or disfigurement.


Wits represent your mental agility – intelligence, cleverness, awareness, perception and the ability to learn. A character with high Wits may equally be a genius inventor or a superb wilderness tracker. A negative Wits may represent a mental or perceptual difficulty, or a lack of common sense. Low Wits does not represent a poor education – this would be represented by low Skills.


Resolve represents your force of will, mental resistance and determination, and the ability to face danger or stress with courage. A character with high Resolve would likely excel in dangerous situations where others might quail, and see a plan through to the end, whatever the difficulties. A negative Resolve may represent cowardice, impulsiveness, a submissive nature or just a lack of willpower.


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