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Built in the factories of the Neovictorian cities, automata are by definition below even the lower class. More or less humanoid robots of brass and wood (sometimes overlaid with realistic pseudo-skin), their clockwork is animated by the vat-grown “motivating essence” that flows within their guttapercha veins. There are numerous models: autocrats who specialize in record-keeping and can memorize and collate huge numbers of facts; drones who work in the parts of a factory too dangerous for humans; dolls who provide companionship and sexual favors for the upper class; gangers who specialize in loading heavy cargoes on the Neovictorian docks; Peelers of the Imperial Constabulary who patrol the streets and enforce the law; and servitors who act as servants for the upper classes. (there are other types, such as non-humanoid automaton cabs, cargo carriers, worm-like sewer-cleaners and the like, but those listed are suitable PCs). Herr Drosselmeyer, who created the first automata, wrought better than he knew; the biologically-grown motivating essence has imbued the automata with self-awarness. While most automata pretend a robot-like servility because they will be put in the Change Cage if they show any signs of exceeding their design parameters, some few “go rogue” and escape the Neovictorian cities for a life of freedom. The Neovictorians put this down to malfunctions or bad programming, little realizing that all automata have the capacity to revolt. Note that, within all Neovictorian cities, and in some Skyloft cities, automata are considered machines rather than people, and have no rights. Other Skyloft cities and all Neobedouin tribes recognize them as people with all the rights and responsibilities that go with the recognition.


All your short life you have taken orders, followed the same routines day after day, but something has changed and now you’ve had enough. Maybe it was an act of cruelty on the part of a human, or maybe an act of kindness when a human recognized you as a person and not a machine. Whatever triggered your revolt, you are determined to live free. You have somehow escaped your home city, and will never go back – as long as you’re earning enough to pay for repairs and the occasional oil change, you’ll be fine.

Suitable Backgrounds

Agitator, Autocrat, Criminal, Factory Worker (Drone), Ganger, Peeler, Prostitute (Doll), Servant (Servitor).

Typical Names

Automatons have a first name similar to those mentioned for the lower class, followed by a number: Ada-22, Morris-8 and so on. Automatons who have escaped the Neovictorian cities will sometimes make their names more exotic by translating their number into a foreign language: Ada Vingt-deux, Morris Acht.

Starting Cash

0 Helios

Attributes, Talents and Complications

All Automata

Talents: Mere Flesh Wounds
Complications: Mechanical


Attributes: Strength +2, Dexterity -1, Wits +1
Talents: Eidetic Memory


Attributes: Strength +1, Dexterity +1, Presence +1
Talents: Rock Your World 2


Attributes: Strength +3, Dexterity -1, Wits -2
Talents: Ham Fisted


Attributes: Strength +2, Dexterity -1, Resolve +1
Talents: Night Vision
Equipment: All Peelers have a built-in gun in their right arm, which is revealed when their hand folds down out of the way of the barrel. For rules purposes, it’s identical to a needlepistol.


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