Awesome! Bonus

The Awesome Bonus

Awesome! Bonuses can only be awarded by the GM, but players (not including the player who came up with the stunt) can shout, “Awesome!” on hearing another player’s plan, in the hope of encouraging the GM to award a bonus. This should not be abused. If players start shouting “Awesome!” every time someone steps over a puddle or winks at the barman, the GM can ban Awesome! Bonuses until the players calm down and stop trying it on.

An Awesome! Bonus should be no more than 3 dice for any one roll, and should usually be less than that, and no more than four bonuses can be awarded for one action. A Pretty Awesome stunt should be awarded only 1 die per roll – it takes a Fricking Awesome stunt to get all three dice.

It should be noted that Awesome! Bonuses are awarded as well as an penalties – if a character has a three dice penalty due to wounds, or three black dice due to a howling rainstorm, these penalties still apply, but the Awesome! Bonus is awarded after taking the penalties into account.

Awesome! Bonus

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