You can only give yourself three complications and only one may be a mental complication.

* denotes a mental complication.

Absent Minded *
You sometimes forget important things, even if they have only recently happened. Once per story the GM can decide you have forgotten something. You will need at least 1 success on an Average Resolve roll to remember it.

Addiction *
You overindulge in drugs, alcohol or some other addictive behavior. Whenever you are under mental or emotional distress you must gain 1 success on an Average Resolve roll or feel a powerful need to satisfy your addiction. If you don’t take the steps to manage your addiction, the GM may rule it gets worse.

Airsickness *
Unfortunate for an airship pirate, you are often beset by nausea when flying, particularly when the ride gets bumpy. When the airship is beset by bad weather, or making hazardous maneuvers, you must get at least 1 success on an Average Fortitude roll or suffer fits of retching and vomiting for 4 rounds. While being airsick, all rolls are made at a -2 pool modifier.

Amnesia *
You have long-term amnesia. You can recall recent events but have a block when trying to remember things from your more distant past. You only remember things from after character creation. You still have the skills and experience from your former life, but can’t for the life of you remember why you know such things. From time to time, the GM may surprise you with some fact or person from past life.

Annoying Shipmate
One of the crew is a constant source of annoyance to you – borrowing your things, interfering in your business, criticizing you, etc. Their annoying habits are a constant source of irritation for you, but you are stuck with them.

Autography Hunter
You have an avid supporter, either impressed by your reputation as a pirate or a fan of your ship’s Schtick. Unfortunately, he or she often turns up at the most inopportune times – when you are attempting to negotiate a deal, trying to operate undercover, etc. Even your bluntest attempts to put the annoying fan off don’t work, they will always come back just as eager to see you. The excited Autograph Hunter appears at the whim of the GM.

Bad Reputation
All pirates are considered dangerous, but people have heard stories about you which, although possibly untrue, speak especially of your notoriety. When seen, or even just mentioned, ashore, you are frequently recognized as a notorious criminal and traitor.

Someone knows something about you which could threaten your position aboard ship, or even get you killed. Perhaps a crew mate knows you have breached the pirate code; perhaps a former patron knows of some treachery or betrayal that could come back to haunt you. Either way, the blackmailer demands money to keep quiet. The blackmailer can crop up and demand cash on the whim of the GM. Decide on the secret they know (or think the know) and decide whether they should be paid.

Black Sheep
The crew are uneasy around you. You might have had a bitter dispute aboard ship, or maybe you have become dishonored before you joined the pirate crew, but your shipmates keep a close eye on you and will disown you if you shame them again.

Code of Honor *
You have a personal code of honor which you will not break, whatever the circumstance. For instance, it might be that you won’t take a life, never sneak up on somebody, or you won’t suffer an insult without taking a bloody revenge.

Not only do the Neovcitorians declare you an outlaw and pirate, but you have also broken the legal codes of another culture. As such you have drawn the particular attentions of somebody seeking justice, be it a vengeful relative, privately employed bounty hunter or Skyloft law enforcer.

You have people, from your life before you took to the skies, who at times need your protection and help. They could include your children, family or friends.

Distinctive Features
You stand out in a crowd and attract the notice of passers by. Attempts to disguise your striking (or stunning) features are 1 difficulty level higher than usual.

You are alienated and angry. When somebody in authority tries to tell you what to do, or gives you advice, you must get at least 1 success on an Average Resolve roll or refuse the order/ignore the advice.

Somebody out there is gunning for you. They may be a known rival, perhaps an enemy pirate crew, or it might be somebody who masqueraders as a friend, but who secretly loathes you. They probably dislike you because of something you have done (or they think you have done). It is up to the GM to determine the nature of your enemy and how driven they are to cause you harm, and whether or not you know their identity (although you might want to offer suggestions based on your background)

Evil Twin
You were separated at birth from your identical twin. Perhaps they are a pirate hunter, an anti-social thug or some other unpleasant character. Whoever they are, you often find yourself suspected of crimes or anti-social acts perpetrated by a twin you know nothing about.

Exalted Twin
Even worse than an evil win, the exalted win is an upstanding member of your former society, whom you can never live up to. When you are mistaken for your twin it is by those demanding alms, charitable donations or pleading for help.

Family Feud
Your family is locked in a bitter feud. Whatever the background, you are expected to continue the feud by any means necessary and might fall foul of your family’s enemies from time to time.

Glass Jaw
You are easy to knock out in a fight. When rolling to see if you have been knocked out, you suffer a -3 penalty to your dice pool.

You cannot read or write at all.

Jealousy *
You are jealous in the extreme. Whenever you see the target of your affections interacting with others, you need to make 1 success on an Average Resolve roll, or else assume they are betraying you.

Kleptomania *
You are a compulsive thief. When near other people’s property you can lift, you must make at least 1 success on an Average Resolve roll or attempt to steal it. On a pirate ship this can be particularly hazardous, so you better hope your shipmates make a special allowance for you.

You are extremely clumsy. you have difficulty walking, holding onto things and, at times, even standing. When in combat, trying to run, or engaged in delicate work, the GM can rule that you need at least 1 success on an Average Dexterity roll to not have an accident.

Late Starter
You are a lot older than the other characters in your party and although not decrepit, you are no more skilled than your companions, despite your advanced years.

Lecherous *
You harass somebody you find attractive – when you’re not trying to outright grope them, you still can’t resist making lewd and inappropriate comments. Make 1 success on an Average Resolve roll to resist succumbing to such urges.

You stink. However often you bathe, the odor won’t go away.

You are an Automaton and our wounds, therefore, do not heal naturally. Health pips can only be returned by use of the Ad-Hoc Repair skill.

Missing Eye
You have lost an eye. You might have a glass one or an empty socket, but most likely you wear a patch (you are a pirate, after all). You suffer a -1 dice pool modifier to all Perception rolls.

Missing Limb
You have lost a body part, either through illness or more likely, due to a wound perhaps acquired when you left home to join a pirate crew. Most likely you have lost a leg, which reduced movement by half, and makes climbing, etc., much harder. In such a case it is usual to wear a peg-leg. Alternatively, you might have lost a hand or arm, which might be more problematic, although it is a good excuse to have a fancy or dangerous prosthetic.

Narcissist *
You are obsessed with your good looks and in continual fear of losing them through age and decay. You need 1 success on an Average Resolve roll to resist flattery.

Odious Personal Habits
People can’t stand your annoying habit. You might have bad breath, pick your nose, or be forever scratching at your crotch. Whatever your habit, it is a constance source of irritation for those around you.

Paranoia *
You have trouble trusting anyone, even your closest friends.

Party Animal *
You love partying, and you party hard. While not actually addicted to anything, on such occasions you always take things to excess – indulging in drinking games, gambling, and the like. You can be the life and soul of the party – but your actions border on the reckless, even for a pirate.

Personality Flaw *
You have a personality trait which, at times, causes you to act against all sense. You have this trait to an annoying degree. GM might disallow this complication if it duplicates another mental complication. Examples include: Arrogance, deviousness, greed, a masochist or sadistic streak, over-optimizing or pessimism, etc.

Port Suspicion
You are subject to harmful rumors. These rumors might abound in a particular port (such as an individual Skyloft cit), or everywhere you go, at the GM’s discretion. The rumors might cause hold-ups when you are docking; overzealous checking of any cargo or other commercial transaction you are involved in, or if confined to one place, an outright refusal to allow you to dock.

Policy of Truth *
Whenever you lie you must get at least 1 success on an Average Resolve roll or blurt out the truth.

Proper Sensibilities *
You dislike uncouth behavior. You are so genteel, even talk of fighting, gambling, theft or murder sets you on edge, and swearing or lewd talk are no better. If conversation turns to such base matters you will need at least 1 success on an Average Resolve roll or be too embarrassed to do much more than blush, mutter and squirm. Sadly for you, on a pirate ship, the crew talk of little else.

Public Figure
You are especially famous. Whether due to your notoriety as a pirate, or through your ship’s Schtick people recognize you and want your attention. In friendly ports, people will intrude upon you for attention, in hostile ports you had better keep your head down.

Rage *
You are always irritable and often angry. In situations which test your temper you must get at least one success on an Average Resolve die or have a violent outburst.

Sins of the Father
You are directly descended from someone who is hated by pirates. Perhaps your father was a pirate hunter or your mother a famous hanging judge. Such shipmates are uneasy around you. You get a -2 pool modifier for social interaction with other pirates. You have to prove yourself to your shipmates twice as much as everyone else, and even then you are still tainted by suspicion. The GM might allow you a +1 pool modifier when interacting with the authorities, if they are not aware of your own piracy.

Shy *
You dislike socializing with others. You need to roll at least 1 success on an Average Resolve roll to overcome your shyness in intense social situations.

Social Chameleon *
You always do your best to fit in and be liked by those around you. If you spend time with the enemy, you are likely to betray your old associates.

You are a spy, your first loyalty not to your ship, but to another faction. Perhaps you work for the Emperor, an independent Skyloft city or are hunting a bounty. Decide who is employing you and what your mission is.

You have an obsessive fan. Whether due to your notoriety as a pirate, or fame due to your Shtick, someone has become fixated upon you. Although this will normally take the form of trying to get close to you through acquiring small items of your property, talking to others about you, etc., occasionally, at the GM’s discretion, the individual will be beset by jealous rage, leading to angry confrontation, allegations of cruelty and possibly even kidnap!

Stubborn *
You can’t stand losing an argument. When someone disagrees with you, you must get at least 1 success on an Average Resolve roll or go to amazing lengths to prove your point (even if you know you are wrong!).

Superstitious *
Most pirates are superstitious, but you are especially so. You become extremely agitated when something happens which you see as a bad omen. You might have a ritual that allays your fear, but it should be suitably convoluted so as to cause you more than a minor inconvenience (perhaps touching every surface as you walk around, or reciting a verse every time you speak to somebody) until a good omen occurs to counter the bad luck.

Time Sick
Nearly everyone suffers from “The Fear” when traveling through time, although hard liquor helps nullify the effects, but you suffer worse than most. It takes you double the time to recover from “The Fear”, and you need to consume twice as much drink to help nullify the sensation (which will no doubt cause further problems).

You have the reputation of a Jonah. You might not suffer a negative dice pool modifier, but if your enterprises hit a series of misfortunes then the crew might demand that you leave, or even that you are thrown overboard.

You have made a promise you must keep, come what may. Examples include: rescue a captive, lead a rebellion or blow up the Emperor’s flagship.

There is a group keeping their eye on you. It could be a secret faction, a gang aboard your ship or a criminal organization. Whoever it is, they suspect that you are not who you claim to be or are guilty of some offense against them, but they are not sure. Don’t give them the proof they are looking for.


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