Fate Points and Scripting Dice

Fate Points and Scripting Dice

All characters being play with a fate pool of eight – since a scripting die is equal to 6 fate points, this means a character begins play with 1 scripting die and 2 fate points. These can be used to change a character’s fate on important occasions when the character needs to do something important, or wants to do something showy. These are different from the Awesome! Bonus.

Fate Points

Fate Points can be used in the following way:

  • Fate points can be added to a dice roll to give one automatic success. However, these successes can be canceled by black dice like any other success, and only a maximum of 3 fate points can be spent on a single dice roll.
  • Fate points can be used to reduce the damage from an attack. Each point spent reduces damage taken by one Health pip. However, damage cannot be reduced to zero – a successful attack will always cause at least 1 point of damage.
  • A fate point can be used to grant a success on the Fortitude + Resolve roll required to stay conscious/alive when you have taken severe damage. If the fate point is spent, you do not need to make the roll.
  • Fate can extend the time you have to live when you have run out of Health pips, spending a fate point gains you an extra round in addition to your Resolve + Fortitude before you expire.
  • 3 fate points can be used to avoid getting a permanent injury.
  • It is possible for a characters to use fate points on each others’ rolls. However, it costs twice as much as it normally would. The character spending the fate points must be in the same place as the benefactor, and you should decide how they are helped. Maybe you noticed something about the lock that was being picked, or your long skirts accidentally staunched the wounds of the injured character you were kneeling next to. You can spend up to 6 points on another’s behalf in a turn, but each point you spend is one less point you can spend on your own behalf in that round.

Scripting Dice

Sometimes a fate point isn’t enough – you need a miracle! If you spend 6 fate points at once, it is called a scripting die, and you can do so at any time, ignoring the normal fate point rules. This is a major invocation of fate, such as only major heroes or villains can call upon.

A scripting die can be used for the following actions:

  • A scripting die may be used to reroll an action or effect roll. The player must decide to reroll the dice before the effects of the dice roll in question are applied. If the new dice roll is worse, the player may choose to keep the original roll. However, only one scripting die can be used on a single roll – you can’t keep spending scripting dice until you get the result you want.
  • When a character dies, a scripting roll can be used to save her from their fate. A mortal wound turns out not to have been so deadly after all, merely knocking the character unconscious. A character falling from a height might land on something soft. The character doesn’t get any health back, beyond being stabilized, but they are still alive.
  • A scripting die may be used to change an aspect of the story in the players’ favor. For instance, an autophrenometer might malfunction just as the PC’s are about have their identities checked at a Desolation city-block checkpoint, causing the autocrat in charge to wave them through while he attempts to mend it. Or a character, unarmed in the villains captain’s cabin and facing a fate worse than death, might find a heavy candlestick just by their hand.

There are three very important rules to remember when using scripting dice:

  • The GM may veto any use of scripting die which they feel is too potent or destructive to the story.

  • The player must use his imagination to explain how the scripting die helps. He cannot say “I use a scripting die to stop that happening.” Unless he comes up with a good reason for how and why he gets a break, the use of the scripting die will be disallowed.

  • A scripting die cannot change what has already happened. It can adjust or amend what is unclear but not what definitely occurred. So you cannot spend a scripting die to make a guard fail to notice you when he’s already succeeded in his roll, but you can spend one to ensure that a drunk ruffian staggers out a nearby tavern and picks a fight with him while you escape.

Fate Points and Scripting Dice

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