Around the factories of the Neovictorian cities are vast pools and storage ponds of noxious chemicals which the Emperor Victor III won’t let out of the cities to pollute the “pristine” wilderness. These toxins have seeped into the groundwater over the years, causing mutations in the children of the lower (and occasionally upper) classes. These misbegotten (as they are officially known by the Imperial government) have one or more mutations, ranging from the purely cosmetic (no chin, purple skin) to the actively useful (armored skin, claws). The government tries to classify these misbegotten into a limited number of specific types and isolate them in their own blocks within the city in order to prevent interbreeding and the possibility of human evolution; they are treated as litter better than automata and denied most of the few rights that the lower classes “enjoy”. They are sterilized at puberty to prevent them passing on their characteristics and most are never allowed out of their home blocks, being provided menial work in their own homes, such as making pins, sewing mail bags, etc. Theirs is indeed a joyless existence. A “lucky” few who have serious combat abilities due to their mutations are recruited into the Chuno Ggun, where they are used as “terror troops” against escaping rebels and Neobedouin settlements.


Almost anything is better than the life of a misbegotten in a Neovictorian city, but escaping from your block is going to be a major undertaking as you know little of the world outside the few streets you call home, and your inability to blend in with normal humans makes sneaking about very difficult. Only the most strong willed make it to the outside world, and once there you find prejudice is still rife, due to your odd appearance. Some will come to accept you for who you are rather than what you look like, and pirates are more tolerant of life’s misfits than most. If you were a member of the Chuno Ggun, it’s much easier to turn renegade, but you know your old organization will not rest until it has hunted you down.

Suitable Backgrounds

Agitator, Chuno Ggun, Criminal, Factory Worker, Prostitute

Typical Names

Misbegotten often have what seem to be insulting nicknames attached to their normal name, but those who have escaped from the Change Cage cities wear these as a badge of pride, as though challenging anyone to find a problem with their mutations. Such names might include: Blue Anka, Fish-Eyed Better, Lurching Rupert, Scaly Joe, etc.

Starting Cash

1 Helios

Attributes, Talents and Complications

Attributes: All Misbegotten have +2 Resolve
Talents: You may, if you wish, choose to buy the Mutation talent. This costs character points in the usual way. Choose one of those listed.
Complications: All Misbegotten have the Distinctive Features complication. This does not give the character any extra skill points. Choose one of the following or make up something smiliar: No chin, unusual color of skin, extra fingers and toes, no eyelids, a tail (furry or naked). If you have the Mutation talent, your Distinctive Feature will be related to that talent.
Chuno Ggun: Misbegotten with the Armor or Claws mutation may have been chosen as warriors for the Chuno Ggun. Those who have escaped to live free as a pirate gain the Enemy complication and will always be targeted for death by the Chuno Ggun.


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