The Neobedouin are a nomadic tribal people. They live in huge brightly decorated caravans, often two or three stories tall, pulled by giant diesel semi-cabs, steam-trucks and massive beasts such as mammoths or indrikki. They also ride home-made off-road vehicles, horses and camelops. They are a freedom-loving people, determined to stay out of the claustrophobic Imperial cities and prepared to face the dangers of the wilderness to do so. Each tribe has a “range” which they consider home, covering thousands of square miles. Groups will often split off from this range and travel across country into the territories of other tribes, for trade, and to keep the social links between the different tribes from dying. Though each tribe has its own custom, they have certain things in common; a love of fire, music, dance and story-telling; strong family bonds, a martial art known as beast dancing; and an intense dislike of the Emperor Victor III and his repressive regime. They are masters of wilderness lore and consummate hunters, in tune with the land through which they wander. Many have contacts with the sky cities, trading with each other for things they each need – often food and natural resources from the Neobedouin are traded and with finished technological goods and medicines from the Skyloft. A new Neobedouin risk remaining in one place in hidden settlements – these may be involved in logging, farming, drilling for oil, or engaged in other trades that are useful to their people but not possible with a nomadic lifestyle. The wanderings of a trib will usually bring them back to these places at least once a year, which gives them an excuse (as if they really need one) for a big festival.


There are a number of reasons a Neobedouin may become an airship pirate; perhaps your family or tribe has been wiped out by the Imperial Air Navy and you want revenge; maybe you once traveled on a Skyloft airship and fell in love with the freedom of the air; maybe you have been cast out of your tribe (perhaps unjustly) for some transgression such as murder.

Suitable Backgrounds

Artist, Beast Dancer, Gadgeteer, Hunter, Musician, Outrider, Shaman, Showman/woman, Trader


All Neobedouin get Fortitude +1 and Resolve +1

Typical Names

First Names: Neobedouin tend to have a mixture of modern US names and the names of animals (particularly for men) and plants (particularly for women), often together. Male First names include Aaron, Bear, Condor, Cougar, Coyote, David, Eagle, Jackal, John, James, Peter, Sabre-tooth, Stephen, William. Female first names include Abigail, Acacia, Bryony, Diana, Hazel, Iris, Ivy, Lily, Maura, Primrose, Rebecca.

Last Names: A Neobedouin’s last name will generally be the name of his or her tribe; such as they will only be used when interacting with other tribes, such as when visiting a sky city, or Helium City. Tribes tend to be called after an area in which they range, but may also be an animal or plant they particularly revere; Dakota, Eagle, Hudson, Mississippi, Prairie, Redwood, Sequoya, Washington.

Starting Cash

5 Helios


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