Every crew of airship pirates has its Schtick. Whether this is just a disguise for ports where piracy is frowned upon, or whether it’s actually a major way of making a living, will vary from ship to ship – it’s up to you as a group to decide how you want to play, and it may well change from adventure to adventure.

Players should decide, as a group, what their Schtick is. Choose one Schtick from those below and then, as with Airship Skills, each player should choose three skills from the list and give themselves a single point in each of them. Unlike Airship Skills, the PCs don’t need to have all the skills – it depends on how you see your schtick. For instance one group of musicians might be a virtuoso drumming group with only Instrument (Drum), Craft (Costume), and Dance, while another might be a steam-swing band with Dance, Art (Compose Music), Art (Compose Music), Art (Write Songs), Craft (Stage Set), Instrument (Steam Piano), Instrument (Trumpet), Instrument (Drums), Instrument (Guitar), Instrument (Double Bass) and Performance (Sing).

Bordello: Act, Charm, Dance, Empathy, Etiquette, Fisticuffs, Intimidate, Streetwise, Appraisal, Fashion, Gambling, Medicine, Seduction, Sleight of Hand.

Circus: Act, Athletics, Bull, Charm, Disguise, Streetwise, Animal Handling, Craft (costumes, stage set, etc.), Instrument (any), Martial Arts (baritsu, beast dancing), Performance (fire-eating, juggling, clowning, conjuring, mime, tight-rope walking, trapeze, etc.), Sleight of Hand.

Mercenaries: Athletics, Ad Hoc Repair, Blunt Weapons, Dodge, Firearms, Fisticuffs, Hide & Sneak, Improvised Weapon, Intimidate, Leadership, Swordplay, Throwing, Business, Demolition, Engineer (fortifications, weapons), Medicine.

Musicians: Act, Charm, Dance, Art (compose music, write song, etc.), Craft (costume, stage set, etc.), Instrument (any), Performance (any).

Theatre: Act, Charm, Art (writing), Craft (costume, stage set, etc.), Disguise (costumes, stage set, etc.), Instrument (any).

Traders: Bull, Charm, Etiquette, Streetwise, Academic (accounting), Appraisal, Business, Culture (other). Smugglers may want to add Conceal to the list.

If none of the above suit you, come up with a Schtick of your own, compile a list of skills which seems suitable, then everyone choose three in the usual way. There’s nothing to stop you, of course, from combining two or more Schticks – everyone both loves and fears Madame-Captain Kali’s mercenary bordello ship Blood Goddess!


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