Skills marked with a * show where a cultural modifier applies.

Common Skills

Act (Presence)
The art of pretending to be somebody you are not. Useful if performing, impersonating another or faking emotion. (The Disguise Skill can also increase the chance of successful impersonation).

Athletics (Dexterity)
Used for athletic enterprises, such as running, jumping and climbing.

Blunt Weapons (Dexterity)
Needed to effectively wield a blunt weapon (e.g., nightstick) in combat.

Bull (Presence)
The ability to glibly con your opponent by using fast talk and downright lies.

Charm (Presence)
Used to impress, fascinate, please and win over others. Also a precursor to seduction.

Conceal (Wits)
The ability to hide things. This covers both spur of the moment attempts (e.g., to conceal a weapon in a jacket) to the calculated use of constructions (e.g., using false-bottomed chests or smuggler’s compartments).

Dance (Dexterity)
Governs how well you can dance. The Skill reflects natural talent, but you are probably only familiar with the dances of your own culture, so attempts at emulating a different culture’s dancing will be at a penalty.

Dodge (Dexterity)
Used when you want to avoid being hit.

Drive (Wits)
Used when driving mechanical vehicles, such as automobiles, bikes and streamtrucks.

Empathy (Presence)
Your ability to gauge the intentions of others.

Etiquette (Wits) *
Your ability to understand the social rules in any given situation. Attempting to work out the social rules of a culture other than your own is more difficult.

Firearms (Dexterity)
Used when firing handheld guns.

Fisticuffs (Dexterity)
Used when fighting with fists (or a hook!). Basic damage (without a weapon) for fisticuffs is your Strength +1.

General Knowledge (Wits) *
Represents your basic knowledge of the world. Indicates both a breadth of knowledge and an ability to know trivia.

Hide & Sneak (Dexterity)
Your ability to hide and/or move quietly without being noticed by others.

Improvised Weapon (Dexterity)
Your Skill in using a non-martial item (e.g., wielding a discarded peg-leg or throwing a rusty cog) to carry out a combat action. Covers any item found lying around which is not specifically designed as a weapon.

Intimidate (Presence/Strength)
Used when threatening others. Which attribute is used will depend on whether the intimidating is mental or physical.

Leadership (Presence)
A measure of how inspiring a commander you are. Used when wanting your crew to do as you say, be it follow you into battle or carry out your orders.

Might (Strength)
Used when lifting, carrying or attempting a feat of strength.

Perception (Wits)
Your ability to notice things.

Pilot (Wits)
Used when piloting flying machines such as airships, hang-gliders, triplanes, etc.

Riding (Dexterity)
Used when riding an animal to control it. (See also the Specialty Skill, Animal Handling).

Streetwise (Presence) *
Used to communicate (e.g., to strike a deal or find a connection) and stay safe in tough urban neighborhoods.

Swordplay (Dexterity)
Used when you fight with a bladed weapon.

Throwing (Dexterity)
Used when throwing something (as a weapon, or at a target).


Academic (Group Skill) (Wits)
Represents specialized academic knowledge, usually at a more advanced level than that provided by a basic general education. Specializations include: Criminology, Geography, History, Philosophy, Politics, Theology.

Ad Hoc Repair (Wits)
Used when making hasty repairs or constructions. Severity of breakdown, scale of construction and availability of materials all influence difficulty. Also used for “healing” Automata.

Animal Handling (Wits)
Used when caring for an animal. Also useful when trying to predict an animal’s behavior or calm it down. Can be used to heal an injured animal in the same way as Medicine is used for humans.

Appraisal (Wits)
Used when identifying and evaluating items

Archery (Dexterity)
Used when firing bows and catapults. Mostly used by Neobedouin hunters who prefer the silence of these weapons to the noisy results of a gunshot.

Art (Group Skill) (Presence) *
Used when creating art. Tastes vary in and between cultures. Specializations include: Musical, Composition, Painting, Playwright, Photography, Sculpture, Writing.

Boating (Dexterity)
Skill used when handling water-borne vessels.

Bribery (Presence)
Used when working out who to bribe and how much to offer them.

Business (Wits) *
A general trade Skill for buying and selling. Also used to understand or negotiate with commercial enterprises.

Conversation (Presence)
Used when making small talk or trying to subtly garner information.

Craft (Group Skill) (Strength/Wits)
Used to manufacture, maintain and repair items. Manufacture might require Strength, Wits or a combination of the two. Specializations include: Carpenter, Cook, Gunsmith, Jeweler, Metalworker, Musical Instrument Maker, Tailor, Steamsmith.

Culture (Group Skill) (Wits)
Knowledge about a culture other than your own. Specializations include: Automatons, Misbegotten, Neobedouin, Neovictorian, Skyfolk (by city).

Demolition (Wits)
Used when blowing things up. Also used to disarm explosive devices.

Disguise (Wits)
Skill in using props (e.g., costumes, makeup, false beards, etc.) to change your appearance or to impersonate others. The Act Skill can also increase the chance of successful impersonation.

Engineer (Group Skill) (Wits)
Used when designing and operating mechanical devices. A suitable Craft will be needed to actually build such a device one designed. Specializations include: Clockwork – Used to design and operate clockwork devices, Construction – Used to design civil and military structures, Electrical – Used to design and operate electricity generation devices and control the flow of power, Internal Combustion – Used to design and operate diesel and gasoline engines, Steam – Used when designing and operating steam powered devices. Normal use of such a device won’t require the use of the Engineer skill, but getting a little extra power out of an airship’s steam engine in the middle of a chase would need a roll.

Fashion (Presence) *
Your skill in keeping up with, or better still leading, fashion trends. Remember, what is fashionable in your culture is likely the height of bad taste in another.

Forgery (Wits)
Used to falsify documents and currency. If forging artwork, the relevant Art Skill is also required. Also used to detect other people’s forgeries.

Gambling (Wits)
Your Skill in playing and cheating at games of chance.

Gunnery (Wits)
Used when firing or coordinating the firing of artillery.

Instrument (Group Skill) (Dexterity)
Skill in playing a musical instrument. Specializations include: accordion, bass guitar, drums, guitar, jug, mandolin, steam-piano, etc.

Interrogation (Presence)
Skill in applying physical and mental torture to extract information. There is no guarantee that the broken subject will tell the truth – just that they will tell you what they think you want to hear.

Language (Group Skill) (Wits)
Skill in a language other than your native tongue. Specializations include: French, German, Latin, Mandarin Chinese, Navajo, Spanish, etc.

Legal Matters (Wits) *
Your knowledge of legal systems. Even an expert might struggle with some of the more obscure legal customs from cultures other than their own (such as those operating on the various Skyloft cities). Also used to decipher legal papers.

Martial Arts (Group Skill) (Dexterity)
Skill in specialized unarmed combat techniques. Specializations include Baritsu, Beastdancing, Boxing, Dirty fighting, etc. Basic damage for Martial Arts (without a weapon) is +2, and can either be bruising or normal damage.

Medicine (Wits)
Skill in diagnosing and treating medical conditions, performing first aid, forensic examination, and even surgery. A starting skill of 5 in Medicine and 2 in Wits is required to be considered a Doctor at the start of the campaign. Note that different cultures have different standards and more or less formal requirements for medical professionals.

Navigation (Wits)
Used to find your way about and gain a bearing. At higher levels, also infers knowledge of navigation tools and charts.

Performance (Presence)
Skill in performing arts. Specializations include: fire-eating, juggling, Mime, Singing, Ventriloquist, etc.

Pick Locks (Wits)
Used when picking locks and breaking in to places. A high success indicates you have also managed to cover your tracks.

Pick Pockets (Dexterity)
Used when cutting purses and picking pockets. Opposed by your target’s perception.

Research (Wits)
Skill in library use and academic or scientific research.

Science (Group Skill) (Wits)
Knowledge of scientific theory. Specializations include: biology, botany, chemistry, electricity, mathematics, natural history, pharmacy, phrenology, physics, robotics, temporal physics, veterinary science.

Seduction (Presence)
Used when you want to persuade somebody to fall in love with you, or to lust after you, or both.

Sleight of Hand (Dexterity)
Skill in stage magic (e.g., palming coins, card tricks, illusions with mirrors, etc.).

Sky Lore (Wits)
An awareness of aerial risks, including weather conditions, the performance abilities of different flying machines and self-confidence with heights.

Specialized Weapons (Dexterity)
Used when wileding weapons that don’t fit in the other weapon categories and which require some specific training or expertise. Specializations include: beast claws, hooks, nets and whips, etc.

Survival (Wits)
Used to survive in the wild.

Tactics (Wits)
Used to formulate a battle plan. A successful roll before a fight adds a number of dice to your initiative dice pool equal to the degree of success. If used by a commander (e.g., pirate captain) the GM might award their crew a combat bonus. Also used to calculate risk in battle and to detect opponents’ weaknesses.

Teaching (Presence)
Skill in imparting complex knowledge. Used to measure success when relaying a single pieces of complex information (such as giving a complex order0 as well when teaching over a longer period (such as when employed as a trainer).

Tracking (Wits)
Used to track down others, and to hide your own trail. Difficulty is determined by the age of the tracks and the number of clues left.


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