In the sky above North America, and built around remote mountaintops are the cities collectively known as the Skyloft. Most are suspended beneath great clusters of helium gasbags, some floating freely, others tethered to the mountain peaks but able to cut themselves loose in an emergency; others have extended down from their sky-living ways to colonize the tops of mountains, high above the dangerous beasts of the lowlands. The Skyfolk are as varied as the cities in which they live, for no two cities have the same form of government, the same ideals, the same beliefs. Some sky cities are capitalist, some communist, some socialist; there are matriarchies, slave cities, and cities of escaped slaves; democracies, autocracies, and technocracies; cities that worship God, Allah, or the Sky Mother; atheist cities that burn believers at the stake. Yet whatever their religious and political beliefs, they share a common interest in technological progress – many Skyfolk are knowledgeable on scientific subjects, and children are encouraged to tinker, build and innovate from an early age. Strange gadgets and unlikely-looking flying machines are a feature of the sky cities. The various sky cities also have an alliance against the Emperor Victor III, who would destroy them if he could. The Skyfolk grow up in the high air, immune to vertigo, at home in airships and flying machines from an early age. Whatever their beliefs, and no matter how much they disapprove of the beliefs of other sky cities, they tend to respect their differences and save their enmity for the Empire, which would have all live in Neovictorian squalor. The sky cities trade with each other and with their ground-bound allies, the Neobedouin.


You have grown up in the freedom of the high airs. But there’s more to life than the closed-in culture of your own sky city and you want to see them all. Maybe the city you grew up in as laws or customs of which you disapprove, or which you find oppressive. Maybe you just loved the romantic ideal of the pirate life, having grown up on Tales of the Airship Pirates and other such penny dreadfuls. Maybe you want to free the Neovictorians from their oppressive regime. With your undoubted skills in the sky, you’ll always be welcome aboard an airship.

Which Sky City?

Players wanting a Skyfolk character should choose one of the sky cities described in the book, roll dice to generate a new city using a table, or make up a city of their own using the tables as a guideline. The character’s outlook on life will vary according to his or her home culture, though it will obviously be different if they rebel against their home culture rather than embracing it.

Suitable Backgrounds

Academic, Administrator, Air Marine, Air sailor, Air Navy Officer, Artist, Criminal, Dilettante, Doctor, Gadgeteer, Inventor, Marine Commander, Mercenary, Musician, Pirate/Privateer, Prostitute, Trader, Showman/woman, Writer.

Typical Names

Skyfolk tend to have modern US names followed by surnames associated with the sky – clouds, birds, weather, etc. Last names might include: Cumulus, Empyrean, Nimbus, Snow Goose, Sirocco, Storm, Zephyr.

Starting Skill

7 Helios


All Skyfolk get Dexterity +1 and Wits +1


All Skyfolk begin with one point in Ad-Hock Repair skill and one point in Sky Lore skill. This does not cost any character points.


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