*denotes the Talent can be taken more than once

Acute Sense *
One of your five senses (Sight, Smell, Sound, Taste, Touch) is extremely acute.
Sight: +2 pool modifier to all sight-related Perception rolls and ranged weapon attacks.
Smell: You can detect people or substances by scents alone and even track smells like a bloodhound
Sound: +2 pool modifier to all hearing related Perception rolls
Taste: You can perceive subtle additions to food and drink, detecting harmful substances with the barest taste.
Touch: You can read print with your fingertips, feel tumblers moving in a lock and determine subtle differences in material by feel.

The Acute Sense Talent can be taken more than once, each time a improve a different sense.

With Ambidexterity you can use tools or weapons in either hand without penalty. (Normally using an ‘off hand’ increases difficulty by at least one level).

Animal Empathy
Animals like you. They won’t harm you unless severely provoked or extremely hungry. Animals will tend to take your side (although they won’t necessarily do what you want).

You are naturally very agile. Add +2 modifier to any actions involving acrobatics, stealth, running, or climbing. The GM can allow the modifier to be added to other Dexterity-related actions at their discretion.

Angel Face
You have a naturally sweet demeanor. Add a +2 pool modifier to skill rolls if actively seeking to appear innocent. Likewise, if somebody tries to pin a misdeed on you, it will be harder for them to do so by adding a level of difficulty to the attempt.

Assassin’s Law (Swordplay/Baritsu/Beast Dancer/Other) *
You have an uncanny knowledge of anatomy and where best to strike an opponent, matched by an ability to strike with precision. Your Talent is with a particular weapon (such as a dagger) or when using a particular fighting style (such as a specific Martial Art). The Talent may be taken more than once, each time to increase the effectiveness of a particular weapon or Martial Art, adding +1 damage when the chosen weapon or style is used.

Note: This Talent may not be taken more times than you have skill points in the relevant combat skill.

Backstabber *
When launching a surprise attack from cover or from behind a target, you may add your Dexterity bonus to your attack roll twice. The Talent may be taken twice – if so, you can add your Dexterity twice and your Strength bonus to attack damage.

Beautiful/Dashing *
You are breathtakingly good looking. People stop and stare, and you attract admirers. Add +1 pool modifier to social interactions where your beauty might be a factor. This Talent can be taken up to 5 times (potentially adding a +5 pool modifier).

Blind Fighting
Although you can’t see in the dark, you have trained your senses to compensate for lack of vision in such circumstances. Ignore penalties for poor lighting when in combat.

Clothes Horse *
You wear your clothes extremely well. Whereas the Fashion Skill allows you to know what to wear, the Clothes Horse talent allows you to carry off your attire sublimely. Add +2 social interactions where your fashion might be a factor. This Talent can be taken twice.

Combat Sense *
You are always on a heightened state of alert and react to danger quickly. Add +1 to your Initiative. This talent can be taken as many times as you have bonus dice points in Dexterity.

Contortionist *
You have the ability to manipulate your body to fit in tight spaces and escape from bonds. You might be naturally double-jointed or have painstakingly learned the Talent. Any attempt to escape bonds or squeeze into tight spaces is one level of difficulty easier for you to do. You can take the Talent twice (the second time improving the bonus to 2 difficulty levels).

Deadly Shot *
You make your shots count. Add one die of damage in Archery, Firearms or Thrown Weapons. The Talent may be taken multiple times for any or all, but cannot be taken more times than you have points in the appropriate skill.

Direction Sense
You rarely get lost. You have an innate sense of direction allowing you to always know where north is, which means you can orientate yourself without external cues.

Double Tap
If attacking with a handgun, you may make one more attack per round than its rate of fire would usually allow, so long as all the attacks or aimed at the same opponent. You may make all the attacks at once, on your initiative order, rather than waiting till the end of the round. The usual penalty for taking more than one action in a round applies.

Drink Like A Fish *
You can drink far more alcohol than most people of your build. It still has an effect, but only about half as much as it does for anyone else. Double your Fortitude bonus dice when determining the effects of alcohol. The Talent may be taken a second time, which triples your Fortitude bonus dice.

Eidetic Memory
If you have seen something once, you probably remember it always. Whether it’s a face, the layout of a building or the text of a novel, as long as you get one success on an Easy Wits roll (+5 to dice pool) you can remember all the details.

You are a genius in one particular skill. You may start the game having improved the skill to a maximum of 8. The GM may restrict this Talent to non-combat skills. If a Group Skill, the Talent only applies to one particular specialization.

Feign Death
You can lower your pulse and breathing to such a level that it’s hard to tell whether you’re dead or not.

Flashing Blade
When engaging in Swordplay you can disarm an opponent with a flick of the wrist. Roll Dexterity + Swordplay against your opponent’s Dexterity + Swordplay/Blunt Weapons (adding applicable modifiers to both rolls). If successful your opponent is disarmed, their weapon landing one yard away from each success you roll above theirs. You can’t disarm somebody wielding a two-handed weapon. Additionally, add +2 to your dice pool when attempting to impress people with your sword skills (determined by a Dexterity + Swordplay roll).

Gambler *
When joining a new game of chance you gain 2 Fate Points to spend during the game (you lose these bonus dice when you leave the table, until next time). You can take the Talent as many as 3 times, gaining 2 additional Fate Points each time.

Glib *
You are a smooth liar. Add 1 die in social interactions where you are deceiving others. You may take this Talent a maximum of 5 times.

Greasy Thumbs *
You have a natural aptitude for mechanics. Add 1 die when using Ad-Hoc Repair or a particular Engineering or Craft (involving mechanics) specialization to build or repair a device. You may take this Talent a maximum of five times for each such mechanical specialization, but it cannot be taken more times than you have points in the appropriate skill.

You can lower the cost of one item per shopping trip by 25% if you spend half an hour haggling with the seller (at least a part of the process should be role-played).

Ham Fisted
Add +2 damage in a fist fight (on top of your Strength bonus). The disadvantage is you struggle with delicate goods, so often damaging small or fragile objects.

Hawk-eyed Aim *
This alent extends the range of a ranged weapon by 20%. This can be taken up to 3 times, each time adding a further 20% to the maximum of 60%.

Inspiration *
Something, or someone, inspires you to exceed your limitations. The object, ritual or special person grants you a +3 bonus to a chosen skill in a single scene, or for a single action). For instance, pondering your lover’s touch, bestowed two hours prior to battle, makes your heart race. The adrenaline give you an extra edge as you swing, blade flashing, into your opponent’s deck. The Talent can be bought for multiple different skill and inspiration combinations, but not to improve the +3 bonus. The GM should approve your choices, and limit their uses (probably to once per game session). To get the bonus you will have to role=play your inspiration.

Iron Grip *
Add +1 die to your combat roll and damage for any hand-to-hand attacks involving grappling or choking. You also gain +2 dice when avoiding being disarmed. This may be taken three times (stacking the bonuses).

Iron Will *
Add +1 die when resisting coercion or torture. This can be taken multiple times, but limited to no more than your total number of Resolve dice.

Juggernaut *
Add one Health die. This can be taken multiple times, but is limited to no more than your total number of Fortitude dice.

Knock ’Em Dead *
You know how to dazzle a crowd. Add +2 dice to your Performance skill roll when playing in front of more than 5 people. This Talent may not be taken more times than you have skill points in the relevant Performance skill.

Light Sleeper
The smallest sound or lightest touch wakes you up. No Perception roll is necessary.

Local Expert (Urban) *
You know a particular urban area really well. THis may be a block in a Neovictorian city, or part or all of a Skyloft city (depending on its size). All Streetwise rolls made in the area suffer 2 less black dice than usual. The GM may decide you don’t have to roll at all to find out local news and information about leading local personalities. This Talent can be taken twice, in which case rather than reduce the black dice, the whole difficulty level is reduced by one. Alternatively you can select a different area in which to be a Local Expert.

Local Expert (Wilderness) *
You know a particular wilderness area really well. This will be an area of no more than four square miles. All Survival and Tracking rolls made in the area suffer 2 less black dice than usual. The GM may decide you don’t have to roll at all to find good places to hunt, to forage for wild food or to avoid the lairs of dangerous predators. This Talent can be taken twice, in which case rather than reduce the black dice the whole difficulty level is reduced by one. Alternatively you can select a different area in which to be a Local Expert.

When appropriately armed (with a dagger, sword, etc) you may declare a lunge when you come to roll Initiative. You can a +2 modifier to Initiative and +2 to damage roll. You suffer a -2 to your combat roll, as your defenses are lowered as you lunge.

Marksman *
When aiming, add 2 dice each round, instead of 1 per round, to your next shot.

Mere Flesh Wounds *
Reduce all dice pool and black dice penalties from wounds by one point, this Talent may be taken a maximum of 3 times.

Mutation (Misbegotten) *
You are a misbegotten. Your mutation has resulted in you having an unusual trait.
Armor: Your skin is toughened with hide, fur or scales. You have one point of natural armor.
Claws: You have retractable claws. If you release them, you do an extra 2 dice of damage in hand to hand combat. While your claws are out you do “normal”, rather than “bruise”, damage. Use the Fisticuffs skill usual.
Enhanced Sense: One of your senses is particularly acute, in the same way as the Acute Sense Talent. Note that each sense can only be enhanced once with either Mutation or Acute Sense.
Night Vision: You suffer no penalties at night, seeing almost as well as if it were the daytime.

Natural Charisma *
Social interaction rolls suffer 2 fewer black dice than usual. Can be taken twice, in which case reduce the difficulty by one level rather than reducing the black dice.

Night Vision
Your keen vision allows you to see in all but absolute darkness.

Perfect Pitch *
You always know if someone or something is in tune and receive a +1 pool modifier to any music-related task. This Talent can be taken twice.

Point Shooter
You aim guns at short range instinctively. Add +2 dice to your attack roll when using Firearms skill at point black range.

Polyglot *
You are naturally adept at foreign languages. You can speak, read and write in an additional language as well as your native tongue. This Talent can be taken up to 3 times.

Powerful Charge
If charging at an opponent, add +5 dice to your damage roll if you connect.

Pugilist *
Add +1 die to damage when using your fists with the Fisticuffs or Martial Arts (any) skill. You may take this as many times as you have Strength dice.

Quick Draw *
This Talent only applies to one chosen type of weapon, but may be taken multiple times to add more weapon options. You receive no penalty to your combat roll when drawing your chosen weapon, although you have a -2 penalty to Initiative. You may take the Talents a second time and ignore the -2 penalty for your chosen weapon.

Rapid Healer
You recover lost Health at twice the usual rate.

Rock Your World *
You are an expert in the art of seduction and lovemaking. Add +2 dice to any relevant social interactions (such as when using the Seduction skill). This Talent may be taken up to three times.

Time Sense *
You always know what time of day it is and how much times has elapsed between the present and the last time you checked. If this Talent is taken twice you are also able to know what year you are in following time travel.

Weapon Master *
You are an expert with one particular type of weapon. Each time you take the Talent add 1 die to any combat dice pool with the chosen weapon. This can be taken multiple times, but no more than the chosen weapon’s governing skill, divided by 2 (round down).


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